24 November 2008


Today COS have a performance at PayFong..^^
Almost all of us went school about 3pm to practice..^^
haha~depart at 5pm..^^
4 car
-Liyee(Don't know how to spell^^)
-Guan Long
-Thomas driving Dailou's kembara to carry 大鼓&cello..^^
-Mayi driving Saga to carry me Kaiyuan Me Daby & LianHuang..^^
after performance all non-stop took photo..^^
We go DP old town for dinner..^^

1300hours only I woke up..^^
when i check my computer...
so gam de..Mayi msn me..^^
Kaiyuan Thomas & Lucas no responds...
When i call thomas he answering the phone with super sleepy sound...
=.= ask him to brush teeth and bath...
We going to celebrate Yielin birthday at 1400..
Me Dailou Daby &Lucas go GOGO first..
afterthat Mayi Thomas Kaiyuan & TienLook came..^^
We in room53..^^
Next, HuangHuang come with her BF..^^
they sang "梁山伯与祝英台"
After QiongK we went WongKok eat..^^
got the big big 奶茶 again..^^
Eat untill so full..^^
afterthat we go watch movie...^^
Afterthat go back lu..^^
received Dajie's call...^^
paiseh nia...wait until she called me only i wish her...
so tired..^^

1400hours only I woke up...
Prepare to go MP..^^
at last minute,plan changed...
We 1600hours only depart..^^
Me Ahsoon & Yewmeng depart from school~
go fetch CJ and chocky...
but so bad..chocky cant go le...
v went bought cake at Itali...
at a traffic light there...I U-turn...
kena tangkap by stupid police...
SSsSssSss Police!!! !!!
I felt very dissapointed with the ethics of police in Malaysia...
When i asked for warning only..
He give me back my IC and Lesen...
"Letak dalam!!",he said...
Fish him...I put RM50 between my lesen and IC which is too much...=.=
This is what V said MAlaysia boleh??oh fish...
Sorry guys.. waste ur money...
Mr Kamiz!!! I'll remeber you!!!
After finished with him~
We continue to MP MacD to setup..^^
For Dajie small party..^^
When we still have time Me and CJ go pick present for Dajie..^^
Is a cute Mashimaro..^^
Dajie surprise that I'm there~
coz i said I went for COS intensive training..^^
Afterthat v go DreamBox QiongK..^^
Got buffet eat...
eat arr eat,
eat arr eat...
I prefer the salad..^^
ate a lot...^^
V started to sing from 2000Hours until 0200hours..^^
then back IXORA..^^
after bath...wait until 0430hours++ only sleep..^^
another tired & happy day..^^

Today having 8am class..~_~
wake up on 0720hours...
ZZ and kent's miss call...
not the sound of the ringtone...
but the vibrate sound...coz i put it on iron biscuit tong..^^
Today is New's birthday..^^
27/11/2008 is ZZ's...^^
Me daby terry jinhou and Jason went US pizza 打包2L&1M pizza..^^
I wrote on the pizza...^^
we celebrate near the swimming pool..^^
when all of us ate finished..
we pakat to throw NEW into the swimming pool..^^
Throw him into for twice..^^
so syok..^^
Today is tiring...
I slept in the library twice...^^
But still fishing in class...
can imagine how tired am I??
after i post this...
I'm going for COS concert Meeting...
on 2015hours..^^

COS concert is on 4/18/2009 !!!
Please kindly support us ya...^^