02 August 2008

Life Meaningless Without Friends

hello all my friends...
i have been at here(MALACCA) for 7 weeks already...
i felt happy to met u guys at here...
it is jz like i built my new family at malacca...
u guys rock...

--u always the most gan jiong want^^
anyway u such a good fellow^^

--u r the cutest one la^^
ji lei yi xia^^

--u r the pretiest in our class le lar^^
u so slim le lar...^^
need to practice more ya..bowling^^

--sometimes see u so pekcek ya?
u r the most keat le lar in our class^^
hardworking ka beh si...^^

--you r the most tired one le lar..
always go back ixora sleep...^^
but my advice..dun lumba le lar..
dangerous neh...think about it la^^

--u are the most yam one(i jz derived from ur name)^^
jk ya^^hehehe...u r the best...^^

--u r most endao liao la..^^
some more tall..so strong...^^
hehe...still cant rmb ur silly face^^

8.Turtle Tham
--hehe..paiseh call like thaT..^^
GUOSEN..jk la^^u always be the spotlight ya^^
when u wanna find one wor???^^

9.Turtle Lee
--u so keat la...teach me some technique la...haha..jk^^
i'm scare of your ur "touch&go"...pls dun try it again...^^

10.Isaac andrew
--funny guy with funny action...^^
u r the one..funny guy..with weird action^^

--nice fren...vegetarian right??^^
thx for the support ya^^
when my phone is lost^^
wo ai ni~haha^^

--hardworking IS..cute^^
like to smile^^
hehe...like to take photo ya^^
nonstop...^^cant rmb his own hp no.^^

--another hardworking IS...^^
always listen to music whenever and wherever he go^^
friendly to everyone too^^

--dotA guy ya^&^teach me when u r free la^^

eh..u so slim le lar ok...u so small le...later left bone only then cham lor...^^
so u can eat as many as you want...^^
if too much eat le baru keep fit la^^

--hehe i met one more ziliankuang^^
hehe..i realised that u hav lots of zi pai photo^^
actually me oso one of it la^^kekez^^

17.Ah Man
--ziying ya^^so cool^^
actually u r pretty too oo^^

--i think i love ur "wife" le...if u give me for free..^^
i'll take good care of it^^jk la^^
i'm planning to buy one le..but bcoz lost of my hp..need to wait for a while..^^

--handsome boy again...that girl is ur...??^^
if hav chance i go find u la..u help me to revise those 基本功...^^

--such a good leader...caring^^
i found that ur face so easy to become tomato red ya^^paiseh??^^

--handsome guy..with handsome hairstyle...^^
cant wait to hear your voice..when have chance sing for me la^^

--haha..when think about u the scene of u play with the hp's ringtone pop in my mind...^^
the electric shaver^^ hahaha...stuck on nose..^^

--xiaohua again...add oil ya^^
if u get it...i want...sushi king..pizzahutz...jk la^^
ganbatte la^^

24.Kak Su
--pretty with big dream...hehe..how was my marks??
can change things already??^^
when u go japan find ur "husband" dun 4get bring back sushi ya^^
and intro some japanese girl for me^^

--omg..u really surprise me...^^
sabahan..^^want me teach u chinese u need to teach me english ya^^
hehe^^my english is poor la...teacher..^^

26.Philip Ser
--future engineer..^^
eh...add oil ya^^.."SF"..
such a handsome guy..friendly..funny^^

27.Ee leng
--shy shy girl^^
but jz the cover...hehehe^^
inside so...^^unshy^^jk ya^^

--xiaohua...pretty girl..have lots of supporter...add oil la..^^
next time dun kckc walk behind me and step on my shoes...
so pity de oo..wash shoes^^
get xiaohua then treat me eat ya^^

one more pretty girl..^^..
with rabbit teeth^^jk ya^^

--next time go to the ixora swimming pool to eat twisty ya...^^
coz when i saw i cant swim properly^^
hehehe^^go gam zai...good arr u^^

--hk's gf^^
ur english so good oso lar...u and sabahan cooperate la...
help me to pass in MUET exam...^^

32.Chocky boy
--owow..one more "SF" fans...
dun worry i'll support u too^^
when u success treat me go MacD and KFC then ok le^^

33.Ah lei
--Daenna??right??i perfer ah lei^^
one more charming girl...again...u so slim le lar...^^
keep fit again left bone le...^^
next time call u out must give face ya^^

--七仔^^thx for the patung ya^^
必勝!!^^hehe..when ur hair will long ya^^
cant wait to see it...coz jz saw from photo not enough^^

--矮矮的姚明...jk ya^^
dun think too much^^dotA kaki again^^
wanna fight Rise Of nation ya^^come on..i dunno play oso~_~

36.Wee Teck
--nice housemate...friendly guy^^
thx to u for formating my com.^^

37.Ah Soon
everyday come back late..always go find jie jie^^on le bo???^^

38.Chook Yau
--ipoh handsome guy with cool com.^^
friendly..nice guy..girls...good partner to clean house ^^haha^^

--ANS president...wat a handsome guy^^
responsible guy too^^have a sweet gf ya^^

--ANS secretary..^^
have a responsible bf^^pretty and slim^^

41.Siti Hajar
--the hardworking girl...smooth talker...^^
fasting..fasting...dun get gastric ya..^^
it is suffered oo..^^

--eating is for releasing stress^^
since u have lots of stress ya??^^
jk...is a method la^^to release tension^^

--smart guy...^^
heard that had someone in heart already...who is it???aizuddin...tell me^^

--i think her sound i louder than mine...~_~
i need to add oil...

--tall guy..with spec^^
good in presenting...^^my idol^^

--i dunno ur actual name^^
anyway...is a pretty girl^^
hehe..is my senior already^^

--another dotA kaki^^handsome guy again^^

--tall handsome boy...^^
Aaron's bro..^^
felt safe when stand beside him^^

49.Wei Kit
--first impression...N82^^
nice hairstyle^^nice guy^^

50.Ah kit
--friendly "Kid"...actually older than me la^^
now din study at MMU already..
go to UM already..miss him so much^^
take care...!!!

Management lenglui^^
our senior but same age with us...^^

--hehe^^the chipmunks^^
jk^^erhu player^^
management guy...hang fok^^

53.Swee leong
--erhu player too^^
Study two semester of engineering then transfer to management^^
maybe the girls in engineering too little already..so go for management^^
jk la^^finally found his interest^^

--erhu player^^
good singer...friendly guy^^

--Choir president??not so sure...^^
but wat i sure is..he is cute^^
haha~funny..jz like a 开心果^^

--Ice-breaking president???^^
nice girl^^pretty too oo^^

--one more lenglui^^
if din wron join CLS too^^
not sure about her details^^
jz met through ice-breaking^^

ANS committee too^^
management handsome guy^^

--ITstudent too^^
friendly guy..nice to talk to^^

--A handsome guy^^
with white spec..^^


--IS which wanna teach me swim in Ixora..^^
nice to talk...handsome^^

--IS..hissam fren..^^
^^person wanna teach me jump into water...but i dunno hot swim yet=.=

Life meaningless without friends... ...
thank you for being my friend^^


...慧... said...

wah..no wonder u took long time 2 type ur blog=.=anyway..i m happy 2 b ur fren~~^^

sitisuraya said...

kak sue pretty ha?
waa..so proud.
first time :D

YES,big girl with big dreams.
nowadays u already hilang.
where r u?

hehe,come and claim ur prize.:D